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4 Ways Exercising Reduces Anxiety:

Even if working out is the last thing you want to do, there are plenty of reasons why you should hit the gym when you’re feeling anxious. By building and committing to the right fitness routine, regular exercise can make a substantial difference in the way you feel.

Here are four reasons you should frequent your nearest gym if you have anxiety:

4 Ways Exercising Reduces Anxiety:

  1. It shifts your brain. Elevating your heart rate changes your brain chemistry and pumps your body full of anti-anxiety neurochemicals called endorphins. These mighty chemicals activate the frontal regions of the brain,  reducing the perception of pain, lowering stress, and boosting self-esteem. Time spent in the gym also helps you sleep better and increases your energy.
  2. It changes your body. Exercising not only distracts your brain from the things you’re anxious about, but it also affects your body physically. Regular exercise decreases muscle tension while improving strength and reducing body fat.
  3. It prevents other issues. Anxiety is serious, and if left unchecked, it can lead to other disorders, such as depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Hitting the gym regularly also builds up resilience, which is key to coping with anxiety symptoms.
  4. It provides structure and relaxation. Chronic anxiety and frequent panic attacks can be reduced with a wellness program structured around activities you enjoy doing. Taking your fitness routine outdoors can provide even more stress relief, and aerobic exercise is especially beneficial, so a simple walk or bike ride will contribute positively to overall wellness.

Even though more research is needed to determine the link between exercise and anxiety, committing to a consistent fitness routine positively impacts overall wellness. Spending at least thirty minutes at the gym several times a week is well worth the effort if you’re living with an anxiety disorder.

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