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Walk’n’Talk For Life

Walk’n’Talk For Life is a rapidly expanding community event occurring regularly around the country in response to the growing rate of suicide in our society. Started by former NRL Manly player Shannon Nevin who is a Personal Trainer and owner of That Fitness Place in Seaforth.

Walk’n’Talk For Life is simple in name and objective; providing a place for people to join together to exercise and have an opportunity to chat about their life and issues. It is not a charity or fundraiser. The vision is simply to allow people to come together and Walk ’n’ Talk their worries away.

For countless reasons many people do not talk about their struggles in life so the group enjoys a leisurely walk in a non judgemental environment, providing an opportunity to meet new friends in a space committed to making everyone feel comfortable if they choose to connect with others.

People who suffer from anxiety, depression or other personal challenges often feel alone and disconnected and many feel stigmatised by their mental health issues so Walk ’n’ Talk For Life offers them a safe and secure place to feel accepted and to be heard. The walks offer community and personal support and most importantly, they can genuinely remind people that they are not alone.

Shannon’s first Walk was started in Manly in 2016. He now has over 10 locations as far away as the Gold Coast and this year in partnership with The Australian Horizons Foundation is starting 10 new locations in Rural Australia with The Blue Mountains and Bathurst starting in September and October 2019 respectively.

If you’d like to find out more check out the website at www.walkntalkforlife.com.au

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