Personal One-on-one

One on One Personal Training is perfect for newcomers to the gym who may feel intimidated and want to learn how to use the fitness equipment or for people who want to push themselves to reach their fitness goals.

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Group Personal Training

Our Group Personal Training Classes are run for individuals within a group context. Your Personal Trainer will instruct everyone individually within the class so everyone will be working to their own personal program. This is perfect for people who want personal attention but don’t want the cost of a One on One PT session. Our Group PT classes are currently…

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Outdoor Boot Camps

Our Outdoor Boot Camps are for people who like early morning strolls in the rising sun. NOT!! Outdoor Boot Camp sessions are not for the feint hearted as they offer a uniqueness that can’t be offered indoor. Normally these sessions involve a combination of running, boxing, strength, more cardio, then core training  and often a sport or fitness game.

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