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4 Ways Exercising Reduces Anxiety:

Even if working out is the last thing you want to do, there are plenty of reasons why you should hit the gym when you’re feeling anxious. By building and committing to the right fitness routine, regular exercise can make a substantial difference in the way you feel. Here are four reasons you should frequent…

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Five Ways to Look and Feel Your Best for the Summer

Winter is the time of baggy clothes, multiple layers, and warm, calorie-dense food. As soon as winter’s over, it’s time to start pulling your spring and summer clothes out of storage, planning beach trips with friends, and potentially dropping the extra five kgs of insulation you gained while being holed up indoors.   It can…

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Walk’n’Talk For Life

Walk’n’Talk For Life is a rapidly expanding community event occurring regularly around the country in response to the growing rate of suicide in our society. Started by former NRL Manly player Shannon Nevin who is a Personal Trainer and owner of That Fitness Place in Seaforth.

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